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Season 2: Serge Kakudji ON the magic of opera

Opera came into Serge Kakudji’s life like a meteorite, he says. This was in Lubumbashi, DRC. He was seven years old. He didn’t know what hit him then but he knew that he was going to pursue it. He did and is today an internationally acclaimed countertenor, passionate about Baroque music and dedicated to bringing to it his unique characteristic. According to him, although opera as we know it might be a western concept, it is at its core sung theatre – and there is plenty of that across Africa. Kakudji is interested in these vocal and musical bridges, when interpreting traditional Baroque and when composing his own pieces.

Serge performed at Africa Acts, a weeklong event dedicated to performance art in Africa and her diasporas, curated by Dominique Malaquais and Caroline Roussy in Paris, 2015. We found a brief moment and a not so quiet place to speak to him about the magic of opera.





Serge sings Schubert:


Teaser for Coup Fatal

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