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Season 3: Ntando Cele ON whiteness as theory

Bianca White and her nemesis Vera Black are two alter egos of South African performer Ntando Cele. They were born out of anger – for example, about the fact that there is no opposite of blackfacing, a “tradition” still widespread in the Netherlands but also other parts of Europe and Switzerland, where Ntando now lives and works.

Bianca is a white-faced Afrikaans woman, proud of her 25% Zulu heritage but blatantly ignorant of her racist views disguised as charity. Vera is the quintessential angry black woman. Both characters are crass and confrontational in how they voice the silent and violent day-to-day racisms. Discomfort guaranteed. Not least for Ntando herself. We talked about vulnerability and veils, how to talk about racism and how easily is dismissed.


Ntando’s homepage

Ntando’s Vimeo channel 


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