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Season 3: Mouna Karray ON Origins

” Where do you come from?” is a loaded question if, like Mouna Karray, you are African, Tunisian, from a formerly colonised country living in Paris. It becomes a problem when your work as an artist is reduced to those labels and as a result almost exclusively shown in the context of African themed exhibitions or fairs. A “reduction” that, according to Mouna, originates in France’s colonial past. Mouna speaks about how she navigates these frameworks, the many influences that make her the particular Tunisian that she is, notably her time in Japan – and the original inquiries at the heart of her work as a photographer.



Tyburn Gallery London

Mouna at Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa 

Afriques Capitales exhibition curated by Simon Njami at La Vilette, Paris, in March 2017

AKAA Fair – Also Known As Africa

article about AKAA 2017 in the HuffPost Tunisie by Anissa Mahdaoui

Institut du Monde Arabe

The Musée National de Bardo in Tunis

Mouna speaks about her series Noir at the 2eme biennale des photographed du monte arabe contemporain:


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