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Season 2: Jelili Atiku ON Decolonizing by Spectacle

Jelili Atiku’s performances are spectacular, in the truest sense of the word. He employs elements of the traditional Yoruba Egungun method to deconstruct his body into an artwork that defies race and gender categorization. As this transcendental figure Jelili engages his audience in, what he calls, dialogue as protest. His mission: global decolonization. One interaction at a time.

In 2015, Jelili  performed in Paris, as part of Africa Acts, a weeklong event dedicated to performance art in Africa and her diasporas, curated by Dominique Malaquais and Caroline Roussy.

We witnessed Earth with Trees and Water I Am (Alaaragbo VIII) at the Sorbonne and spoke to Jelili afterwards in a park nearby about the banking system of knowledge, the threat of terrorism, Fela Kuti and the future of humanity.


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In the red performance

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This episode is supported by an ANT Mobility Grant from Pro Helvetia Johannesburg financed by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC).