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Episode 9: Rakotoarivony, Andrianintsoa, Raininoro, Andrianavalona on “(No) Infra_Structure for the Arts in Mada”

Part 2 about Is’Art Galerie and the art scene in Madagascar looks at the local art infrastructure, or rather the lack thereof: About how, for instance, it is possible to study art mediation (basically promotion of the arts) at the university in Antananarivo but how there is not one formal art school in the country – not for Fine Art, nor Graphic Design, Photography or Film Studies. About how the Alliance Française is represented an astonishing 29 times with offices across the island and yet exhibition spaces for local art(ists) are scarce. And about how  when local contemporary artworks are bought at all it is by expatriates.

Hobisoa Raininoro from the Centre de Ressources des Arts Actuels de Madagascar located at the University of Antananarivo, Tahina Rakotoarivony of Is’Art Galerie, Njaka Andrianintsoa – illustrator, graphic designer and musician – and Taka Andrianavalona – artist and entrepreneur – speak about the realties of making art in a country that does not recognise its artists and what it takes to do it anyways.


Useful Links

Is’Art Galerie Homepage

Is’Art on Facebook

CRAAM – Centre de Ressources des Arts Actuels de Madagascar

Njaka’s Facebook Page

Njaka’s Band Moajia

Taka’s Facebook Page

Alliance Française in Madagascar

Goethe Institut in Madagascar


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