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Episode 7: Laza on “A Cinema for Generation RFC”

The long awaited second part of the conversation with Malagasy filmmaker, producer and RFC festival director Laza is finally here.

What does it mean to be a full-time artist in a country that does not legally recognise them (No, seriously, the concept of artist as a profession does not exist)? How do you sustain a film festival amidst ongoing political instability and make people want to fund your project? How does an Island Continent break through the Franco-Anglophone barrier? And most importantly, how to watch film and change mentalities and why you need a cinema for that. You get answers to all of that AND as a special treat and as previously promised, this episode also features a selection of film clips from the RFC archive.



And for those who prefer, here is the is the audio-only version of the podcast:

Useful Links:

Rencontres du Film Court (RFC) – Short Film Festival

RFC on Facebook

Interfilm Berlin

The Pan African Federation of filmmakers FEPACI

RFI article on this year’s RFC Festival

Interview with Haminiaina Ratovoarivony at Cannes


This episode was made possible with the support of

Pro Helvetia

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