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Episode 6: Laza on “The Cinema of Génération RFC”

Ten years ago nobody made movies in Madagascar. Then Malagasy filmmaker and producer Laza returned to Antanarivo and launched Rencontres du Film Court, an annual short film festival and series of workshops that has given rise to a new generation of young Malagasy filmmakers – Génération  RFC. Hundreds of fiction, documentary and animation films from this Indian Ocean island are now traveling the world and are changing the face of African cinema.

In preparation for the 10th anniversary edition of the festival in 2015, Laza reflects on how far Malagasy filmmaking has come since Raymond Rajaonarivelo’s Tabataba won a price at the Cannes Film Festival in 1988. (For those who missed it then, we have included a link to the movie below)

According to Laza, it is particularly in animation that today’s Génération RFC is finding a unique language to tell the many stories of Madagascar. We present this conversation to you in two parts. Stay tuned for part 2 for samples of some of these short films.


And for those who prefer, here is the is the audio-only version of the podcast:


We regret that we don’t have the capacity at this time to offer this podcast series with French subtitles.We are aware of the necessity and importance of doing so and would like to reassure our French speaking audience that plans to remedy this are afoot.

Nous regrettons de ne pouvoir actuellement offrir une version de notre série de podcasts sous-titrée en français. Dans un futur proche nous remédierons à cette lacune. 



Useful Links:





Special thanks to Antoine Doyen for allowing us to use his beautiful photograph of Raymond Rajaonarivelo.


Raymond Rajaonarivelo’s “Tabataba” (Rumour)


This episode was made possible with the support of

Pro Helvetia

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