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Episode 5: Kurt Orderson on “Cinema, the Weapon of Choice”

Award-winning South African filmmaker Kurt Orderson is usually behind the camera. Turns out he is a natural on front of the camera too. So, we didn’t edit much, making the episode a little longer. But definitely worth it.

Breathe Again and The Prodigal Son are two of what Kurt refers to as his “home movies” – personal stories about his family; but stories too that are shared by the community he is so invested in. Screenings and teaching others how to make films – to become “citizen journalists” – are as important to him as making movies. El Dorado is one example of what can happen when people use the camera as “the new bazooka”. (We’ve included an excerpt scene below)

His latest is a film about the effects of gentrification, Not in my Neighbourhood.



“Eldorado” is about the journey taken by four friends in the poverty-stricken township of Eldorado Park. The film portrays their joys, pains, friendships and conflicts as they come to grips with the harsh realities of growing up in the area and the difficulties of moving on from the past. Taking a deeply intimate approach to film production, Eldorado was made and produced by residents of the area, who also star in the film. A celebration of the freedom and possibilities offered by digital filmmaking, this is an engaging and remarkable piece of cinema. Winner of the 32nd Durban International Film Festival 2011 Special Mention South African Feature Film.


And for those who prefer, here is the is the audio-only version of the podcast:


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