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Episode 11: Rakotoarivony, Adrianintsoa & Adrianavalona on “Being African, Malagasy and other identity crises”

According to the world clock on my Apple Mac dashboard Antananarivo is found in Asia and not in Africa (Perhaps the Apple programmers reckoned Madagascar is located in the Indian Ocean; so there).

Apple dashboard Tana in Asia

While Asian influence on the Malagasy genome, culture and habitat is undeniable (Apparently the Indonesians got to the island way before anyone else did), so is the imprint of the Bantu, Arabs and eventually Europeans. Madagascar is an inimitable melting pot; which geo-politically speaking is indeed African.

But 400 km can be a long way from the mainland and so you’ll be hard-pressed to find a Malagasy naturally referring to herself as African. (No excuse for the heirs of Steve Jobs though)

In this unusually short AOA episode (Don’t get used to it:), Tahina, Njaka and Taka deliberate (their) cultural identity (crises) from a Malagasy, African and global perspective.

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