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Episode 10: Is’Art on “Moving(,) Elephants & Mora Mora”

In September 2014 Is’Art closed shop in Analakely, downtown Antananarivo, which had been its home since 2011 and where over 50 exhibitions have been hosted over just three and half years. Growing ambitions required a larger venue. Such was  found with some luck and the generous benefaction of Philippe and Delphine Andriantsitohaina who made available a now vacant launderette building, La Teinturerie.

Substantial renovations were necessary (as you will see in this video). But the real challenge was not to get the 200 square metre space and courtyard area ready in only three weeks for the official launch on the 3rd of October 2014. Rather it’s building and maintaining a meeting point for artistic collaboration in the land of Mora Mora – slow slow. Learn more by listening.

This episode features conversations with Is’Art‘s Tahina Rakotoarivony, Njaka Adrianintsoa, Taka Adrianavalona and Laza (RFC Festival Director).

Performances on opening night by Alea des Possibles Circus, Dance Companies Rary and Asary, music by Olombelo Ricky, Moajia and Angaroa.

The funky soundtrack for this episode comes from Social Fusion, a Malagasy musical collective, so says Njaka, in perpetual evolution.

Providing the soundtrack for both this episode and the launch night at La Teinturerie was famous Olombelo Ricky…

and long-term Is’Art associates Moajia.

AngAroA’s Dizina music video is a wonderful collaboration, shot at “La Teinturerie” and, yes, the familiar looking character is Tahina himself.


Useful Links

Is’Art Galerie Homepage

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Njaka’s Facebook Page

Taka’s Facebook Page

Moajia Youtube Channel

Angaroa Facebook Page

Social Fusion Website

Social Fusion Facebook Page

Olombelo Ricky Facebook Page

L’Alea des Possibles / Chapito Metisy

Compagnie Rary

Rencontres du Film Court (RFC) 

CRAAM – Centre de Ressources des Arts Actuels de Madagascar


We regret that we don’t have the capacity at this time to offer this podcast series with French subtitles.We are aware of the necessity and importance of doing so and would like to reassure our French speaking audience that plans to remedy this are afoot. 

Nous regrettons de ne pouvoir actuellement offrir une version de notre série de podcasts sous-titrée en français. Dans un futur proche nous remédierons à cette lacune. 

This episode was made possible with the support of

Pro Helvetia


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