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Season 2: Em’Kal Eyongakpa ON suspension rhythms and water bodies

Em’Kal Eyongakpa moves between objective and subjective realms. He’s a digital shaman. He travels between past and present and to the bottom of lake Barombi. He maps the codes of suspension rhythms and market sellers in Paris and Central Africa. He conjures Coltrane, Simone and Baraka and retraces railroads made of bones. He doesn’t consider himself political and then again, he says, everything is.


Unfortunately, due to the conflicts in Cameroon, Em’Kal and his studio have asked for the video to be taken down.  Below you can see Em’kal’s interview with Kadist Foundation, Paris, where he was in residency between May-July 2015.



Em’kal’s Vimeo channel


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